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Taylor Swift: 'I'm not confirmed to play Joni Mitchell yet'

Last month (September 2012), it was reported that Swift was on board to play the legendary singer in Girls Like Us, a film adaptation of Sheila Weller's book about Mitchell and her 1970s peers Carole King and Carly Simon.

At the time, the film had yet to receive the green-light from Sony Pictures - a situation Swift has now corroborated. She told Time: "That's actually not confirmed. I wish I could say it's confirmed! But the thing about movies that I've learned is, I've been reading scripts for five years, and you just don’t know what ones are going to get greenlit and which ones aren't, so I can't talk about it unless it's the real thing."

Swift, who releases her third album 'Red' today (October 22), has only dabbled with acting so far. She appeared in an episode of CSI in 2009 and had a small role in Valentine's Day, an ensemble rom-com released in 2010. Meanwhile, she has a voice part in The Lorax, an upcoming computer animated movie based on a Dr Seuss book.

When asked whether she intends to pursue acting further, Swift said: "I would love to sign on to do a movie if it was the right role and if it was the right script, because I would be taking time away from music to tell a big grand story, and spend all of my time and pouring all of my emotions into being someone else. So for me to do that, it would have to be a story worth telling."

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