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Native Indian kid sent home for bad haircut

Cougar Face
   The attack on public schools continues with news of Jakobe Sanden in Arrowhead elementary school  Utah being sent to the principles office. Jakobe was sent home because he wore a Mohawk to his second grade classroom and while it is a traditional Native American hairstyle most likely Jakobe is not a Mohawk residing in Utah. School administrators in Santa Clara, Utah told the boy that his haircut violated school policy regardless of the kid being Native American.
Somehow this fact made his parents decide to get this odd haircut nowadays for a seven year old and bait the school officials into action. As with the case with the Muslim kid in Texas bringing in a clock this case is another where the school districts are being attacked by members of the media and activists for having a policy rule code that Jakobe's activist parents obviously don't wish to see their son following as other student must. The school districts code states that it is the students responsibility to avoid grooming that could become a distraction or decorum and having such a young child wear this haircut. These kids parents made a big fuss about the kid having a right to wear a traditional native hairstyle and he was not suspended as the school district in this backwards rural area. Public education is not an arena for parents to use their child as a social activist and Native Americans should be embarrassed by the actions of some for claiming heritage for reasons not to follow school policy set up by experienced educators that know what an important setting they need to teach. Kids trying to one up others with style,dress, or manner is not conducive for this learning environment and while little Jakonbe was sent home. People who don't want to follow these school protocols and other rules for admission can obviously decide to pull out their kids and home school

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